Sunday, October 7, 2012


Sundays have always been the perfect day to officially start a new page in my life. Diets, projects, relationships - the ones that I start on a Sunday always seem to work out best.  So, here I am. It's Sunday, and this is my new blog - "Path to Lomaqatsi." (You can read more about the name in my left sidebar if you're curious!)

This blog will be my meager attempt at sharing my thoughts on life...and yes, I have a lot of them.  Most of them are pretty commonsense, perhaps a tad old school by today's standards.  Don't get me wrong - I'm not stodgy and stiff.  I just believe that the world would be a better place if people were mindful.  You'll hear that word a lot in my writings.  Mindful... let's see... that would mean that people thought about what they were going to say or do and how their actions or words might affect others (not to mention themselves) before they actually said or did something.  It implies accountability as well - since I believe that lack of accountability is the 8th deadly sin (or whatever your personal spiritual beliefs would equate that to).

Now that I've mentioned religion (I know, I know - not a topic for discussion if you want to keep things civilized), I want to make it perfectly clear that I am not exactly religious.  That doesn't mean that I'm not spiritual, or that I don't believe in a higher power - it simply means that, in my opinion (and this blog is just that - my opinions), religion is akin to a private club... typically members only and most of the members don't really understand why the club came to be in the first place or when, how, or why the membership guidelines or participation rules came to be.  If you need to be part of a formal religious group, I respect you for that.  I only ask that you respect my need to not be - and also that you respect the rights of others when it comes to their beliefs, opinions, and lifestyles.  When it comes down to it, I believe the choices we make in life should be the result of...yep, you guessed it... mindfulness. A little thought goes a long way in making good choices.

You'll also find I'm very open-minded... in fact, I love hearing new ideas, learning new ways of approaching life, and even playing the devil's advocate.  Be forewarned though - I don't tolerate bad behavior well, so if you can't play nice, please excuse yourself from the game!

Expect a wide variety of topics - life just gives us so many opportunities to explore and learn. I am a bit of a learning addict to be honest, so you'll find my knowledge pretty broad based and my areas of interest very diverse.  If there's something you want to discuss or would like to know my thoughts on, drop me a note and I'll be happy to see what I can come up with... the school of life has provided me with what I consider an amazing wealth of experiences, and I'm always up for more.

Thanks for stopping by - have a blessed day!

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