I've selected a few poems that I've written over the years to share with you here. As I "unearth" (translated - run across them as I'm going through folders and boxes of memorabilia) more of these little glimpses into my world, or if I take the plunge to write any new poetry, I'll add to these.  If you have a poem you've written that relates to your own journey along life's path, and you'd like to share it here, please feel free to send it to me and I'll post it with your permission and an attribution.

I'm allowing comments here, so please feel free to share your thoughts as well!

Blessings ~




Alone, but not lonely.
Solitude brings me peace,
refreshes my soul.
Life is so full of busy-ness these days.
I must remind myself to take some time
and find



What is this illusion we call life?
Are we mere characters in a play by an unknown madman
or a happenstance product of the collision of star stuff?
All of the important things in life
are not really "things" -
so does that make them an illusion too?

What of love?
What of faith?
What of hope?
If they truly exist,
why do they bring such disappointment?

Love -why do you cause so much pain?
Faith - why do you have no room for questions?
Hope - why do you deceive us with promises you can't keep?

Life - why must you be filled with so many questions to which there are no answers?

I think I preferred the make-believe of my childhood days -
At least I was certain THAT was an illusion.
I want to shatter the mirrors, blow away the smoke...
I need to see the truth, not an illusion.


Soul Search

The setting sun casts its opalescent fire
across a cotton candy sky...
And my soul once again
begins its search.

Shimmering diamonds appear - magically, mystically,
against the velveteen canopy of night...
And my soul once again
takes a chance.

"I know you're out there." 
It speaks as if to the wind - softly, tenderly.
"Come... and laugh with me, love with me, be one with me...
Wrap me in your forever embrace."

"Show these eyes -
that long to truly see once again -
The magic and mystery and wonder
that is you."

"And when the sun awakens from its slumber
and gives light and life to the new day...
Do not turn away from the imperfection
that is me."

"Rather... stay...
and laugh with me, love with me, be one with me.
Wrap me in your forever embrace.
And let my search be over."


Mystic Wynd

For so long I wandered, seemingly lost
Acceptance a path my life never crossed.
Love left me weary, too high its cost.
On waves of despair, my spirit was tossed.

Exploring beyond the lessons they taught,
Even faith seemed to fail me when answers I sought.
I felt destined to struggle, my efforts for naught;
Surrender, I would, to whatever life brought.

Fear was my jailor, with panic I slept;
My journey was driven by the tears that I wept.
But fate intervened, and across a page my eyes swept,
Reading the words, my spirit now leapt.

An awareness of peace and love rose anew,
As the spirit found truth and the mystic wynd blew…
It spoke with a voice the heart at once knew,
The wisdom of sages, resounding and true.

You will find what you seek when you look deep inside,
Your soul has the answers, inner wisdom its guide.
You are born of the earth and the wind and the tide,
Within you the dust of the stars does abide...

Each journey has purpose, the answers are near,
Through learning and sharing will they become clear.
Bound we are not by the way things appear,
We must be what we are; to our essence, sincere.

The mystic wynd is the mover, the momentum we need.
It rustles our spirit, every thought, every deed.
Sacred and steady, it will help you succeed
It whispers... so listen...its message - "Be freed."


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